Our team of pool contractors have over a decade of experience designing and building custom pools for our clients.

A pool is amazing for so many reasons; it’s good for unwinding and relaxing with your family, it’s a sure way to add value to your home, and if constructed properly, a pool is an excellent aesthetic addition. We focus on the two aspects of your pool design and construction, functionality and beauty. At Green Advisor Inc, we assure you of quality when it comes to building a pool.

Our team will provide you a variety of design and material options to explore and will have you approve a work scope and estimate before we begin construction. To ensure quality results, we work with only the highestquality products and materials.


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If you plan on having a pool, the first step is to ensure that you have the available space to accommodate a large body of water. Without this, nothing can be done. Even though all homes would benefit from the addition of a pool, not all homes can have it.

Another thing to note is that you need to make sure a proper water treatment system is in place. Remember all that chlorine you feel when you go to a public swimming pool, that’s part of it. You need a working treatment system in place to remove urea, sweat, and other waste products.

To get a prompt estimate for your pool project, please contact our professional team that will answer any question you may have.

Water Features

Transform any pool into an oasis with additional water features. Imagine a beautiful pool with streaming waterfalls and peaceful views. In addition to adding a touch of beauty, a waterfall in your pool also helps with the circulation of the water keeping it healthier and providing a boost of oxygen.


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