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    An in-depth multi-point inspection of your home

    Our team will perform a complete multi-point inspection on every aspect of your home. On the whole, the objective of this assessment is to establish a baseline understanding of how well your home is insulated and how energy-efficient it is. In fact, we use this evaluation to determine how we can help you achieve optimal energy savings.

    What is insulation?

    Insulation is a critical element in reducing heat transfer through building materials like brick, plasterboard, glass, and metal. Ideally installed in ceilings, walls, and floors, insulation creates a sealed envelope. Furthermore, Insulation acts like a thermos in winter to retain heat and cooling in summer to keep heat out.

    Insulation: Why it's Important?

    An insulated space not only keeps you comfortable year-round, but also reduces your energy costs. In effect, Insulation acts as a barrier, preventing conditioned air from escaping and outdoor temperatures from entering, thus increasing your space's energy efficiency and environmental impact.

    Insulation's advantages

    Insulation in an energy-efficient home reduces your Heating and cooling costs by approximately 40% to 50%. In fact, adding bulk insulation to existing or new homes, creates a more comfortable living space, virtually eliminating condensation, which consequently pays for itself within four to five years.

    Inspection Reports for Free

    Interested property owners in Los Angeles can receive a complimentary insulation inspection report through Green Advisor Inc.
    Our inspection includes the following:

    1. Accurate assessment:
    Our experienced technicians analyze your property's insulation, including walls, ceilings, and floors.
    2. Detecting issues:
    We identify areas where insulation is inadequate or deteriorating. Inadequate insulation can lead to increased energy consumption, as heated or cooled air escapes through unprotected areas. This can result in higher utility bills and a greater contribution to climate change. Additionally, inadequate insulation can cause discomfort and fluctuations in indoor temperatures, affecting the overall quality of life within a building.
    3. Recommendations for improving energy efficiency:
    You will receive personalized recommendations on how to maximize the efficiency of your insulation. With the help of our experts, you can find practical solutions that fit your property.
    4. Openness and transparency in reporting:
    Using our detailed insulation report, you will gain a clear understanding of your insulation's current state. As a company, we promote transparency and empower our clients with knowledge so that they can make informed choices.

    Green Advisor Inc.: Why Choose Us?

    Customer-focused approach:

    We place a high priority on your satisfaction. By listening to your concerns, we tailor our services to meet your needs.

    Solutions that promote effectiveness:

    Beyond detecting issues, we propose practical solutions to reduce utility costs and enhance the efficiency of your property.


    We have a team of highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in insulation assessment and improvement. Having professionals with extensive experience in insulation assessment ensures that proper techniques and industry standards are followed during the evaluation process. This ensures that accurate measurements and assessments are carried out, leading to more accurate recommendations for insulation improvement. Additionally, experienced professionals can identify potential issues or risks that inexperienced individuals might overlook, ensuring that the most effective and energy-efficient insulation solutions are implemented.

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