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    Is your home showing signs of foundation issues? Don't rush to move or pack up your memories. At Green Advisor Inc., we specialize in Los Angeles foundation repair and retrofit services, ensuring your home stands strong and secure.

    Our skilled professionals can expertly address foundation problems, providing the solutions needed to maintain your beloved home. We offer a wide range of foundation repair and retrofitting services tailored to your specific needs.

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    Foundation Repair
    and Retrofit Services

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    For earthquake-proofing your home, Green Advisor Inc. offers professional foundation retrofitting services. A part of our process involves replacing faulty foundations with robust supports, such as support beams and other retrofitting methods. The threat of earthquakes also poses a significant threat to California homes, especially those situated on steep hillsides with feeble foundations prone to collapse.

    Additionally, seismic retrofitting is an essential home improvement project for Southern California homeowners to reduce earthquake risks. The majority of residents live near active fault lines in this region. Providing earthquake-resistant foundations not only assures peace of mind but also improves structural integrity.

    Foundation Repair Gallery

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    Do you need a seismic retrofit for your property?

    You can evaluate your home against the following criteria if you are still unsure if seismic retrofitting is right for you. Our foundation contractors at Green Advisor Inc. are happy to provide free retrofitting consultations to your property if it meets any of these requirements. In the first place, apartment buildings and condos with parking garages below ground level are at risk of collapse because they lack adequate structural support. Detached garages can also pose risks. In addition, older structures conceal more vulnerabilities than newer ones because they were built under more lax building codes. Whenever a building is more than 20 years old, it is recommended to periodically evaluate it. Home built before 1980 is particularly vulnerable to earthquakes, says the California Earthquake Authority (CEA). As well as enhancing safety, foundation retrofitting reduces earthquake insurance premiums by a significant amount. Retrofitting can often be cost-effective in the long run because of the savings accrued.

    What are the costs to retrofit your foundation?

    In general, the cost of retrofitting your foundation depends on the size and scope of the work, the required materials, and the location of your home. If homeowners complete a qualifying retrofitting project, they could reduce their insurance premium by up to 25%. Last but not least, surviving past earthquakes does not make you immune from future ones. Homeowners are advised to have their homes inspected for hidden damage that may put them at risk. Get in touch with Green Advisor, Inc to determine if your foundation requires a seismic retrofit at 888-869-0987.

    Foundation Installation Contractors

    As a foundation installation contractor, our company specializes in various areas, including new home foundations, home additions, retrofitting foundations, and bolting foundations.

    Services for foundation bolting

    Providing bolts to secure a raised foundation is one of the functions of foundation bolting services. Bolting down the foundation of your home is essential to ensure its safety during a strong earthquake.

    Los Angeles Foundation Repair Contractors

    Identifying potential damage areas and retrofitting and securing the foundation is an important part of our foundation repair process. Additionally, our foundation contractors provide repairs for sinking foundations, lifting foundations, cracking foundations, and waterproofing foundations.

    Our foundation repair and installation services are available in Los Angeles, Ventura County, and Orange County. We have provided affordable, competitive, and professional services to our communities as a fully licensed contractor for years. Get a free estimate or contact us at 888-869-0987 for more information.

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