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Have you ever stopped to wonder how much insulation was used when constructing your home? Most people don’t, which is why we are asking! As a professional residential construction company, we have more than twenty years of experience. And in those twenty years, we have discovered that homes constructed forty or fifty years ago are not filled with the insulation recently constructed homes have today.

If you live in an older home, or you are noticing that your home is draftier than it should be, we recommend having our licensed professionals come out to inspect your insulation. After we do the inspection, we can make recommendations of what insulation should be removed, due to being old, and where insulation should be added.


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In older homes, we normally find that old insulation contains mold and mildew. This is from years of moisture covering the insulation and is completely normal. We have also discovered homes that had roof leaks and the insulation that got wet was never removed and replaced. This happens more often than you think, which is why an insulation inspection is so necessary. These inspections may also alert you to new leaks that you didn’t even know you had!

Once we determine your insulation status, we can make our recommendations. If your attic insulation is old, wet, moldy, or ruined, we will recommend insulation removal. We will safely remove the insulation and then vacuum up any debris, dirt, and dust that is left behind. With all our experience, you won’t need to worry about any insulation being scattered or dropped in the process. You won’t even need to worry that your health in being compromised with the insulation particles, because you won’t be exposed to any at all.


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