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Bathroom Remodeling

We pay close attention to the tiny details you provide, and it would be our privilege to help you bring your dream home design to life.


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Green Advisor, Inc. is an expert in designing and building custom bathrooms

Bathroom remodeling can seem tedious and overwhelming. However, our skilled professionals would love you, and everyone else, to understand that it doesn’t need to be!

If you have been trying to make your current bathroom work, despite all its shortcomings or you have just been yearning to update this space in your home, we can help! You don’t need to live with barely enough storage or a cramped space that doesn’t meet your needs. We have the experience to help you create the bathroom of your dreams without a lot of the hassle.


Custom bathroom design
and construction

High Quality Work Without The High Prices

When we begin a bathroom remodeling project, we sit down with our clients and simply start talking to them. We like to get to know them and their routines in the bathroom. This allows us to get an understanding of how they use the space. Therefore, this is what you should expect with our experts when you meet with them. After all, we don’t save our amazing customer service for only certain clients! We treat everyone the same!

Once we get to know how you are using the bathroom you are interested in remodeling, we will find out what you would truly like this space to look like. We may even offer suggestions, based on what you have already mentioned as issues in your current bathroom. It is important to understand that bathroom remodeling is very personalized, so do not think there is a one size fits all approach for this room in your home.

As professionals, we will create a custom bathroom design that fits the needs of your family. This may include only a few minor changes, or it may result in completely gutting your bathroom and starting from scratch. The results of the custom bathroom design will be something you love though, and small changes will be made until you have your dream bathroom.


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Our Bathroom Remodeling

Broad Vision. Careful Thought. Hand-Crafted Design.

The work on your bathroom remodel will begin as soon as you approve your personalized custom bathroom design. Our professionals will tear out everything that is not staying in your bathroom. From there, we will move any plumbing or electrical, and then the real work can begin!

New bathtubs and showers are popular during bathroom remodels, so most likely yours will be changed out. You can choose to have an all-in-one bathtub and shower. But if you have the space, feel free to fit a separate bathtub and walk-in shower in your custom bathroom design. We love that our clients have options, and our goal is to make all your bathroom remodeling dreams come true as much as possible!

Once your new bathtub and shower is in place, or once we have re-tiled your shower, we will begin the work on a custom vanity sink. While you can purchase a vanity from the store, we can also custom create one to fulfill your needs. We feel that this is the only way that we can guarantee a bathroom that you truly love. New fixtures will be added to your custom vanity sink to complete the new look and feel.

Tile will be installed on the walls if necessary and then the floor. There are so many different types of tiles available, so you will have fun choosing the style, color, and design that you think will work best in this space. Don’t worry, we will be with you every step of the way and can offer suggestions if you have no idea where to begin.

New lighting fixtures will be the last items on our list, before it is time for all those small finishing touches. We will complete a few of those and then you will take over after a full inspection of your bathroom remodel.


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Bathroom Remodeling

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